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OUT NOW "When Two Worlds Collide" NEW ALBUM


Image of OUT NOW "When Two Worlds Collide" NEW ALBUM

The 4th album from The Darker my Horizon.

The CD/MP3's features 15 tracks:

1. Gaslight ☆ 2. Heartbeat ☆ 3. Timing (Is Everything) ☆ 4. Same Damn Moon ☆ 5. Waste Of Oxygen ☆ 6. Imperfection ☆ 7. Stay ☆ 8. Down ☆ 9. Can't Breathe ☆ 10. N.Y.C ☆ 11. Propaganda Part One ☆ 12. In The Dark 2022

Bonus tracks: 13. Carpe Diem (acoustic) ☆ 14. Propaganda Part One (single edit) ☆ 15. "Rockers Through The Ages" Mark Woodhead featuring The Darker my Horizon

When you order you will have access to a track (MP3) straight away!

T-shirts will be sent with the CD's and will feature a stunning design based upon the album artwork.

There are a lot of bands that do a Kickstartee campaign etc. We don't want you to fund our "van" or the "recording" or "promo" etc we appreciate your support by purchasing our product. And every bit of money we make goes back in to financing what we do. We have added a donation option - we neither expect anything or will be in the slightest bit disappointed if you don't use it - but it's there for those that wish to contribute. We just want you to enjoy our music and look forward to partying with you at shows. #TDmHfamily