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"Seize The Day" album GOLD pre-order pledge


Image of "Seize The Day"  album GOLD pre-order pledge

All original modern & independent bands/artists face an uphill struggle with costs - to allow for live shows, promotion & recording - let alone rehearsal and gear upkeep.

But we do it even though it is extremely expensive & time consuming because we're passionate about playing, meeting great people like you, having fun & being creative.

As there's not as much income in this day and age from record sales the pledge system has been created.

This is to assist with those costs before an album is released. And in return you get extra goodies as a thank you.

Numerous pledge platforms have gone under leaving artists and supporters massively out of pocket, and extremely disappointed.

So we're doing it in house - this way you know the money comes to us and is genuinely used for the creation, marketing and manufacture of our new release SEIZE THE DAY.

For which we are extremely grateful.

They are as follows:

GOLD - £14 + shipping

Pressed professional CD of new album "Seize The Day" (11 tracks)

MP3 of "On My Way" (single mix) NOW!

Full album of MP3's atleast 1 week before release (official release date 1st November 2019).

Signed photo/personalised note.

And SEIZE THE DAY pledge only plectrum.

PLATINUM - £35 + shipping

Everything in GOLD pledge PLUS...

Exclusive T-shirt. This design will ONLY be available as part of pledges - it will NOT be on sale after the release

Hand-written lyric sheet by songwriter Paul Stead of the title track "Carpe Diem" (Seize The Day).

And the signed picture/note will be larger than GOLD pledge.

V.I.P - £50 + shipping


A USB that includes ALL The Darker my Horizon releases

SEIZE THE DAY (2019) 11 tracks
PHOENIX: VOLUME ONE E.P (2018) 6 tracks
NO SUPERHERO (2016) 13 tracks
ACQUIESCE (2015) 15 tracks

That alone is 45 songs!

PLUS all our official videos


The two Paul's & Mark were in the band Sacred Heart.

They released 4 albums between 2004 and 2011:

SHAKE 12 songs

55 tracks!

*You will get ALL 100 tracks!!!!!*

If you pledge/pre-order this will help us massively in our bid to create new music, promote it & play live. We know it's a lot to ask but we also want to give back. And we hope what we offer above does this.

Thank you very much for your incredible support, and for encouraging new bands & new music.

Check out samples of 9 songs from out new album here: https://youtu.be/304ryDur9P0

"On My Way":